Thai Red Bull Heir Snubs Hit and Run

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Thai Red Bull Heir Snubs Hit and Run: Worayuth Yoovidhya is the heir to half the Red Bull fortune.  Yoovidhya is nicknamed the Boss.  In 2012, the Boss ran over a police officer on the streets of Bangkok, dragging his body for over 100 yards behind the Boss’ Ferrari.  The wreckage from the crash led directly to the Red Bull family’s mansion.  Initially the story was that the housekeeper had been driving the Ferrari at the time of the crash; however, eventually the truth surfaced that the Boss was the driver.

Thai Red Bull Heir Snubs Hit and Run: The Boss was charged with reckless driving resulting in a death, a serious offense.  Despite the seriousness of the charged offense, the Boss has never been formally indicted.  Instead, his lawyers have requested repeated continuances as the Boss jet sets around the world and appears in Thailand’s upper crust society functions.  The Boss’ latest continuance was arranged because he had a business meeting in Britain.

This situation is a clear example of the golden rule — those that have the gold make the rules.  The wealthy should not get special privileges; however, that is probable the rule not the exception.  One can only assume that the family of the deceased police officer have been compensated by the Boss’s family.  The Boss probably makes substantial contributions to Bangkok politicians.