Lawrence Taylor pleads guilty to DUI

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Lawrence Taylor pleads guilty to DUI:  Lawrence Julius Taylor is a Hall of Fame, former Linebacker for the New York Giants and was probably the greatest defensive player ever to play the game.  Taylor played from 1981 to 1993.  Taylor played his college ball at the University of North Carolina and was drafted by the Giants in the 1981 NFL draft.  Taylor was a standout rookie and was such a dynamic force on defense that he caused a sea change in the game itself.  Taylor produced double digit numbers in sacking opposing quarterbacks and in 1986 was credited with 20.5 sacks.

Lawrence Taylor pleads guilty to DUI: Taylor was awarded three AP NFL Defensive Player of the Year Awards, a record.  Taylor was selected as the NFL’s most valuable player in 1986.  Taylor anchored the Giant’s defense nicknamed the Big Blue Wrecking Crew.  Taylor carried the Giants to Super Bowl victories in Super Bowl XXI and XXV.  Taylor has admitted to significant drug use during his playing years.

Lawrence Taylor pleads guilty to DUI: In June of 2017, Taylor entered a guilty plea to DUI in Palm Beach, Florida.  Taylor slammed his Bentley into a parked police car along the Florida Turnpike in 2016.  Taylor had breath alcohol test results of .082 and .084 after the collision.  Taylor received no active jail time, a one year loss of license, mandatory alcohol education, mandatory probation, suspended jail time, 75 hours of community service, a fine and court costs.