Chris Duhon Driving Suspended

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Driving Suspended:  Chris Nicholas Duhon is a retired NBA player presently working as an assistant basketball coach at Marshall University.  During high school, Duhon attended Salmen High School and was chosen as Mr. Basketball for the entire state of Louisana.  During his college career, Duhon was a point guard for Duke University’s basketball team.  Duke won the 2001 national championship during his tenure on the team.  Duhon was the all time leader in steals during his tenure at Duke, leader in minutes played and second in assists.  Duhon helped Duke win three ACC Championships.

Driving Suspended: During his NBA career, Duhon played for the Chicago Bulls, the New York Knicks, the Orlando Magic and the Los Angeles Lakers.  Chicago chose him 38th in the 2004 NBA draft.  After retiring from the NBA, Duhon moved into assistant coaching at Marshall.  In 2015 Duhon was arrested and convicted of aggravated DUI and suspended.  After some time he was reinstated.  As part of his DUI conviction, Duhon was allowed to drive only at certain times for certain reasons.  At all other times he was suspended from driving.  In early 2017, Duhon was stopped by police while driving outside his permitted time.  Courts are very serious about persons convicted of DUI driving only when permitted.  Duhon faces the real possibility of incurred active jail time for the offense of driving suspended and for activating some or all of his suspended time from the DUI conviction.