Toby Keith’s Daughter almost killed by drunk driver

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Drunk Driver:  On July 4, 2017, Krystal Keith, the adult daughter of Country Music Superstar Toby Keith, was in a vehicle struck by a drunk driver.  Apparently the Whiskey & Lace singer was traveling to see fireworks with her husband and infant daughter.  The impact inflicted severe damage to the front of Ms. Keith’s motor vehicle.  Fortunately she and her family occupied an Mercedes-Benz SUV which is highly rated for passenger survival in such a crash.  The entire hood was crushed up to the windscreen.  Of course, the front airbags activated.

Drunk Driver:  Ms. Keith has followed her famous father into the music business.  In 2004 she sang duet vocals for Inez and Charlie Foxx‘s Mockingbird.  In 2013 she joined Show Dog — Universal Music.  Her song Daddy Dance with Me became a success and then Ms.Keith created Whiskey & LaceToby Keith has sold over 40 million albums, has 17 studio albums and two Christmas albums.  He has over 60 singles on the Billboard Hot Country Song list with 20 number ones and over 20 more top ten choices.

Drunk Driver: Two of his most popular releases are Beer for My Horses and As Good As I once was.  Keith has also appeared in the Ford truck commercials singing Ford Truck Man and Field Trip (Look Again).  Keith also starred in Broken Bridges in 2005 and in Beer For My Horses in 2008.