Brandon Mychal Smith Arrested for DUI

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DUI Lawyer in Harrisonburg, VA:  Brandon Mychal Smith who was born in 1989 is an American Actor.  Smith is known for playing Bug Wendal in Girdiron Gang, Li’l Danny Dawkins in Phil of the Future, Nico Harris in Sonny with a Chance, Lord of da Bling in Let It Shine and Stubby in Starstruck.  Smith also competed on Dancing with the Stars and Skating with the Stars.  Smith also acted as producer on Maxrank’s Winna Girl.  Smith also appears in You’re the Worst.

DUI Lawyer in Harrisonburg, VA:  In late July, 2017 at around 7:00 a.m., Smith was stopped after coming close to running a red light in his Rolls-Royce in Burbank, California.  Smith went through the light into the crosswalk then reversed his vehicle back to the stop bar.  The police then stopped Smith, smelled alcoholic beverages on his breath, began a DUI investigation culminating in Smith’s arrest.  Smith apparently registered a breath alcohol level twice the legal limit.

DUI Lawyer in Harrisonburg, VA: Most drivers have no idea how to best handle a DUI Investigation.  Most hope that the Officer is looking out for them.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The Officer is doing his or her best to develop probable cause to arrest the motorist for DUI.  Bob’s advice is rely upon your Constitutional rights and do not help the Officer build a case against you.  Bob has developed a Free App that sets out your rights in Virginia: