NFL Giant Roger Lewis arrested for DUI

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Experienced Lawyer for a Virginia DUI: In June of 2017, New York Giant Wide Receiver Roger Lewis was arrested in Reynoldsburg, Ohio for operating a motor vehicle while impaired, Ohio’s version of a DUI.  The Giants had a meeting in Ohio two days earlier and Lewis grew up in Pickerington, Ohio.

Experienced Lawyer for a Virginia DUI: Lewis spent two seasons at Jireh Preparatory Academy before being offered a spot playing at Bowling Green State University.  Lewis caught 23 touchdowns and over 2,600 yards at Bowling Green.  Lewis joined the Giants as an undrafted free agent after playing for two years at Bowling Green.

Experienced Lawyer for a Virginia DUI:  This is not Lewis‘ first contact with the legal system as he was tried while in high school for two counts of rape.  A jury found him not guilty of one charge but was unable to reach a decision on the second rape.  Lewis was spared a second trial when, through a plea agreement, plead guilty to a misdemeanor.

Experienced Lawyer for a Virginia DUI: Lewis played in thirteen games his first year.  He ended up with seven catches for almost 100 yards and two touchdowns.  Lewis also attended the Miami Boat trip in the week before the Giants lost in the playoff to Green Bay.