Surfer Sophia Bartlow killed in DUI accident

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DUI accident:  Sophia Tiaré Bartlow was killed in a DUI accident on Oahu’s North Shore during the end of January, 2017.  Ms. Bartlow was a third generation water competitor.  Ms. Bartlow was only 26 years old.  Ms. Bartlow’s mother, Jericho Poppler, was the 1976 surfing world champion.  Her grandmother was a champion junior Olympian.  Bartlow was the 2014 United States SUP Tour National Champion.  She also won a California State Championship for longboarding and was both the California and Hawaiian Champion for shortboarding.  Ms. Bartlow’s dream was to win a world championship and an Olympic Gold medal.

DUI accident:  Ms. Bartlow was both loved and respected by her peers.  She grew up on the ocean and was quoted as saying her first surfing memories were surfing on someone’s shoulders:  “Before that, I remember seeing a bunch of people out, just speckled little dots of pepper,” she said with a glowing smile. “I think something fun is going on out there, and I want to be a part of it.”

DUI accident:  The media has identified the driver of the relevant vehicle as Sage Candelaria, Ms. Bartlow’s 35 year old boyfriend.  Candelaria was charged with DUI, driving without a license and first degree negligent homicide.  The vehicle left the roadway and struck a large tree.