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Commercial Driver’s License

Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Holder Arrested for DUI in Virginia

If you have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and are arrested for a Virginia DUI you face much more severe penalties than a driver without a CDL. A DUI related driver license suspension will result in hardship for someone with an ordinary driver’s license, but will result in the inability to work if you have a Virginia CDL.
Your Virginia CDL will be suspended or revoked for a minimum of one year if you are arrested for a DUI even if you were not in your commercial motor vehicle at the time you were arrested. You cannot obtain a hardship driver’s license for your CDL during the suspension or revocation period – even for non-CDL driving.

Since the Virginia driver’s license suspension hearings rely on a much lower standard of evidence than a criminal case, it can be quite difficult to successfully challenge your driver’s license suspension. The State need only prove limited facts to suspend your CDL, and they need only show those facts by a preponderance of the evidence, (instead of beyond a reasonable doubt).

A conviction for a DUI is listed as a major offense under Virginia law. A conviction for a major offense will result in the suspension or revocation of your personal driver’s license, as well as a disqualification of your CDL. Obtaining insurance if you have a major traffic offense on your record may be difficult or impossible. You should fight for your driver’s license at all costs, or face the real possibility of no longer being able to work in your chosen profession.

If you have a Virginia CDL and were arrested for DUI you should immediately contact our office for a free, confidential case review. We have a limited time to fight for your driver’s license, and if you do not challenge your suspension in time you will lose the right to challenge it at all. Contact us today!

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