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Harrisonburg DUI Lawyer

Harrisonburg DUI Lawyer & Intelligent DUI Defense

If you have been arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in the City of Harrisonburg, VA, you need a Harrisonburg DUI lawyer with the advanced training in the sciences behind DUI / DWI driver detection. Unlike most criminal cases, every step of a Virginia DUI arrest and case processing is based on science; from the driving cues to the breath or blood alcohol tests, science forms the basis for the officer’s conclusions. Harrisonburg, Virginia DUI arrests are usually made by Harrisonburg Police Officers, Virginia State Police Troopers or Rockingham County Sheriff’s desputies who will use this scientific approach to determine if you are drunk or sober.

Government Research In DUI Cases

In the 1970′s the government realized that officers were not very good at determining which drivers were over the legal blood alcohol limit. This led to a massive study on DUI detection techniques that form the basis for the field sobriety tests that are used today. The field sobriety tests were scientifically validated by using well trained officers, in an enclosed environment to administer the tests on people who had been drinking alcohol.

Since the time of that study, DUI detection and DUI Laws have changed greatly. Now, officers use handheld, blood alcohol breath testing machines, and also receive more training in DUI detection in the academy. The government has a committee of people who make changes to the DWI Detection Manual – the text book used to teach DUI detection to police officers. This committee performs their work in secrecy, and does not justify the changes they make to the manual. Many of the changes that are made seem to be changes to wording that will make it easier for the government to convict you of DUI.

Training Matters for DUI Lawyers

Harrisonburg DUI Lawyer Bob Keefer has taken both the Standardized Field Sobriety Practitioner and Instructor courses. Virginia police officers in the academy are only given the Practitioner course before being allowed to make DUI arrests. In fact, Bob has taken both of these courses several times over the past several years so that he stays up-to-date on changes made to the manual, and to DUI detection techniques.

In addition to the SFST courses, Bob has successfully completed numerous courses in blood alcohol breath testing, blood testing, and all other aspects of DUI defense. His training and experience are invaluable in building a defense based on the science behind DUI arrests and prosecution. Contact him today for a free case evaluation!

Harrisonburg DUI Lawyer

Harrisonburg DUI Lawyer

Harrisonburg DUI Lawyer

Harrisonburg DUI Lawyer


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