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Many speeding tickets can be fought or reduced by a Virginia Traffic Ticket Lawyer.  Have you received a speeding ticket Augusta County, Virginia? Keefer Law Firm can help you. We work regularly with citizens who have been issued traffic and speeding tickets from Augusta County and surrounding Virginia areas.

Speeding tickets can be costly both now and at least three years into the future. Many speeding ticket convictions can lead to higher insurance rates for up to three years. In addition, you will have points assessed against your Virginia driver’s license. If you accumulate too many points, your driver’s license can be suspended. On this page Virginia Speeding Ticket Lawyer Bob Keefer explains what you need to know about resolving speeding tickets.

Defenses to Speeding Tickets

While many people think you cannot win a speeding tickets case, there are good defenses to many speeding tickets. Here are some of the more common defenses used in Virginia speeding ticket cases:

  • Radar was not properly calibrated or tested. Virginia police are required to test the calibration of their radar unit at the beginning and ending of each shift. Failure to do so may result in your case being dismissed.
  • Speeding ticket measurement was taken on curve using moving radar. Science has shown that measurements taken when your vehicle or the police vehicle was on a curve, and the police vehicle was moving at the time of the speed measurement, the speed measurement is not scientifically reliable.
  • Tuning forks were not properly tested. Tuning forks are the set of forks that officer’s carry in their car to calibrate their radar machine prior to beginning speed enforcement. These forks need to be tested periodically to ensure they have not fallen out of calibration. Since these forks are kept in Virginia police vehicles that are subject to a lot of bouncing and jarring movements it is easily possible for these forks to fall out of calibration.
  • Officer received improper training. Since radar machines are scientific instruments, officers must be properly trained in their use and maintenance. Failure to receive this training and keep accurate records of this training may result in your case being dismissed.

Do not simply plead guilty to a speeding ticket without having Virginia Speeding Ticket Lawyer Bob Keefer review your case and provide you a free case evaluation. A speeding conviction can carry long term costs that are not always readily apparent. Contact him today!





Reductions & Dismissals

Most traffic tickets can be reduced depending on the type of ticket, and your driving history.  The facts and circumstances surrounding your case also make a huge difference in whether the State will reduce your ticket.  If you have factors that explain your speed, you are much more likely to get a reduction or dismissal than if you were simply speeding for no apparent reason.  For instance, if you were driving someone to the hospital for emergency medical treatment, or you had your speedometer calibrated after you received the ticket and found it to be reading improperly at the time you received the ticket, then you have a much better chance in having the case reduced or dismissed.

Radar Calibrations

Radar and Lidar machines are commonplace in today’s police forces, but commonplace does not mean they are always accurate.  Both of these machines are highly sensitive and must be inspected and calibrated from time to time.  Police use tuning forks to test the accuracy of their machines, and the tuning forks themselves must be periodically tested to ensure they are properly calibrated.

Officers are trained to routinely inspect and calibrate their machines for accuracy.  If the officer failed to do so, then your speeding ticket should be dismissed.  Visual estimates of your speed alone are insufficient to support a speeding ticket conviction.  Officer’s must follow proper protocols and inspection requirements before issuing speeding tickets.

If you have received a speeding ticket in Virginia, call Virginia Traffic Ticket Lawyer Bob Keefer for a free, confidential consultation.  There are often ways to challenge your speeding ticket, or to get it reduced to help you avoid higher insurance rates, and driver’s license suspensions.  Contact him today!

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