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Rockingham County Speeding Ticket

Issued a Rockingham County Speeding Ticket? – Lawyer Bob Keefer Can Help!

Virginia speeding ticket lawyer Bob Keefer explains the options for those who have received a Rockingham County Speeding ticket. You have three options on how to resolve your traffic ticket case; you can plead guilty and pay a fine and court costs, you can appear in a Rockingham County court and get a new court date or trial date, or you can hire a Virginia Speeding Ticket Lawyer to resolve the case on your behalf. You have the right to a trial in front of a judge if you choose to exercise that right. Many cases can be resolved without the need for you to appear or to have a trial.

Basics Of Radar and Lidar Machine Use in Virginia

If you want to proceed to trial you need an Virginia attorney experienced in handling speeding tickets. Most speeding tickets are based on either a radar or Lidar reading. The Lidar machines are commonly referred to as laser machines. They use light instead of radar waves to measure your speed. They are generally more target specific than the more commonly used radar machines.

The radar machines transmit a radar wave at a set frequency. That frequency leaves the machine at a set frequency before bouncing off of your vehicle and returning to the radar machine. The machine then measures the speed at which it transmitted the radar wave against the speed at which the radar wave returned to calculate your speed. Radar machines are not precise measuring instruments. They typically measure the largest vehicle in the path of the radar wave as it leaves the machine. This can lead to an officer misinterpreting the speed of the larger vehicle for your vehicle speed.

If you want to resolve your case through negotiations you will want an experienced Virginia Speeding Ticket Lawyer to negotiate on your behalf. Bob Keefer has the education and experience to investigate the facts of your case and present the most favorable facts to the Prosecutor’s office on your behalf, increasing the chances of obtaining a favorable resolution in your case that will keep your insurance from rising. Contact him today for a free, confidential case evaluation!

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