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Harrisonburg, VA Speeding Tickets

Harrisonburg VA Speeding Tickets / Fighting Speeding Tickets: Bob Keefer Traffic Attorney

Harrisonburg, VA speeding tickets can result in several hundred dollars in fines and court costs, driver’s license suspensions, and increased insurance costs. That’s why fighting Virginia speeding tickets is always something you should do. There are alternatives other than simply pleading guilty to a traffic ticket. Sometimes your case may be reduced, dismissed, or deferred if handled by an experienced Virginia Speeding Ticket Lawyer. This page will give you some of the more common issues surrounding resolving a traffic ticket without pleading guilty.

Type of Virginia Speeding Ticket

Perhaps the biggest factor regarding how your case can be resolved is what the ticket was issued for. Virginia speeding tickets are usually easier to resolve than tickets for reckless driving. A speeding ticket may, however, be prosecuted as a reckless driving ticket if you were traveling 80 mph or faster, or 20 mph or more over the posted speed limit. The easiest tickets to resolve are often equipment violations that often do not result in driver’s license suspensions or other harsh penalties; you may not need an attorney for those types of tickets.

Your Driving History

Another major factor in how your case can be resolved is your driving history. If you have several tickets on your Virginia driver’s license it will often be more difficult to resolve your case without a trial or guilty plea. If you accumulate too many tickets over time you may face a driver’s license suspension.

Your Attitude At The Time Of The Stop

Although this is not a factor that many officers will admit to, it is a factor in how your case gets resolved. If you are abusive, insulting, or otherwise act or speak inappropriately it may be harder to get a good resolution in your case. Most officers are professionals and understand that being stopped by the police is a stressful time. They will often excuse harsh tones, and will not hold it against you for declaring your innocence when you are stopped. If you become abusive, however, officers may see that as a sign that you do not respect authority, and are more likely to continue speeding.

If you do believe you were offensive in your word or manner to the officer ask us how an apology can help your case.

Don’t let a speeding ticket increase your insurance and end up costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars more than necessary. Contact Virginia Speeding Ticket Lawyer Bob Keefer today for a free, confidential case evaluation!




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