Conor McGregor, the UFC superstar, is facing legal trouble after he was stopped and arrested for dangerous driving on 22nd March 2022 in Ireland.

According to news reports, Conor McGregor violated several road traffic laws in Ireland. Unfortunately, details of the violations leading to the impounding of his Bentley Continental GT, that’s worth $187,000, aren’t available.

Karen Kessler, McGregor’s spokesperson, claimed the UFC fighter was on his way to the gym when the incident happened. He was taken to the Lucan Garda Station for drug and alcohol tests which he passed.

Despite this, he was charged with dangerous driving and released on bail. Mr. McGregor will attend court in Blanchardstown district town in April. Interestingly, this will not be his first time in this court.

In 2018, he lost his license for six months and was fined $1,000 for cruising over 154km/h in a 100km/h area. This charge was a year after he paid €400 (about $440) for speeding in South Dublin. With his record of dangerous driving, McGregor might pay a hefty fine of up to €5,000 ($5,000) or serve six months in prison or both, depending on the court’s ruling.

When is McGregor returning to the octagon ring?

The Notorious has been missing in UFC action since July of 2021, when his leg buckled to the pressure of a fracture sustained earlier in the battle with Dustin Poirier. McGregor underwent surgery to repair the damage and has been in rehabilitation to facilitate healing and his eventual return to the UFC.

According to Dana White, the UFC president, McGregor has been doing all the right things in rehab with his leg, and hopes to see him return in 2022. According to medical experts, McGregor’s leg injury has been progressing faster than they anticipated. They’ve seen tibia fractures like McGregor’s end MMA careers.

McGregor has been flaunting his progress and positivity about getting back to the UFC on his socials. He’s been claiming to want a match with Poirier when he returns, but McGregor might be over this weight with the Lightweight limit at 155 pounds. As such, he’d need to lose weight and get below the UFC weight limits to get into the octagon with Poirier or fight him at a different weight class which would negate his chase for the Lightweight title.

Despite being out of the octagon, McGregor has hardly been out of people’s minds. Whether good or bad, he’s consistently found new ways to remain in the headlines.

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