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Dorial Green Beckham is currently an NFL Free Agent. In 2015, Dorial was drafted by the Tennessee Titans in the second round. Dorial was briefly on the Philadelphia Eagles team. Dorial had been a University of Missouri football player until he was expelled from the team in 2014, as he had a busy criminal docket while at Missouri, being arrested twice for marijuana possession and accused of knocking a woman down a flight of stairs.

Dorial had a decent rookie year with the Titans, but it wasn’t impressive enough to keep the management interested in him. Despite this, he had an exceptional high school career, excelling in three sports: football, track, and basketball. In track, he ran a 10.59-second 100-meter dash, achieved a 23-foot-2.25-inch long jump, and a 47-foot-3.75-inch triple jump.

Dorial was arrested early Saturday morning, December 30th, in Greene County, Missouri, for DWI. Dorial was also charged with invalid license plates and illegal window tint. It is a mistake to have minor violations while driving after consuming alcohol, as it simply gives police a reason to stop you and smell your breath.

Once the police think they smell alcohol on you, especially at night, you are going to jail. Doing the standardized field sobriety testing allows the police more reason to arrest you–even professional athletes cannot pass these tests. Visit www.keeferapp.com to get the correct response to police questions.

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