Royals Pitcher Duffy gets DUI

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Rockingham County DUI:  In late August of 2017, Royals Pitcher Danny Duffy was arrested by Overland Park police for DUI.  Duffy was arrested in the Burger King parking lot.  The police did not release details; however, DUIs in fast food lines are not uncommon.  People who have been drinking often crave fatty foods.  This is actually a good thing because the fatty foods take a long time to digest.  The slow digestion of food in the stomach also slows down alcohol leaving the stomach and entering the bloodstream.  In my experience, many folks who have been drinking fall asleep waiting in line.  When they do not wake up promptly the police are called.


Rockingham County DUI:  Duffy said:  “I just wanted to say that, for this situation that’s been put at hand, I apologize for the distraction, especially with where the team is at right now,”“Regardless of whether we’d been on a run or not, this is never a good time for this situation to come about.  “To every kid out there that looks up to me, that has read a headline, seen something, looks up to me, I’ll just continue to do great for this city. I promise you that. I think, any of you all know me, this is something that’s very difficult to go through. When everything comes out and shakes out, I’m going to be better because of it. I’m standing on a lot of people’s shoulders right now. And a lot of people have done a lot of things to help me get where I’m at.

 “To those people, too, let the facts shake out, and please continue to have faith in me, because I’m better than the distraction that is at hand. And I’m going to continue do great things for this city.”

Rockingham County DUI:  Under the rules for substance issues in Major League Baseball, Duffy can be punished by the League or his team.  He can also be directed to obtain treatment on a voluntary basis. Apparently Duffy was released on a ticket which for most parts of the county would be very usual. Most people arrested for DUI spend the night in jail.  Most people arrested for DUI have their breath and/or blood tested for the presence of alcohol and the amount of alcohol.