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If you are facing a Virginia DUI, reckless driving, or traffic ticket, or are the parent of a college student facing such charges, you may wonder how to evaluate an attorney before hiring him.  While the experiences of our past clients is no guarantee of future results in other cases, we are proud that so many of our clients have been completely satisfied with our work, and see fit to both send their friends or family who face these problems to us, and to write reviews of their experiences with us.  We have represented college students, military members, professionals, housewives, and many more. Read below to hear what they said.

If you have been stopped or arrested for DUI or any crime, contact Virginia Attorney Bob Keefer right now for a free, no obligation case evaluation.

From DUI Clients

Sadly, I was pulled over one Saturday night for a DUI and did not have the good sense to refuse the roadside tests. I spent the night in jail (1st time ever at age 66!) wondering how in the world I had gotten into this mess. Initially I thought “you got into this mess, you get yourself out,” but the advice of two friends eventually convinced me that if I did not retain legal counsel, the legal system would lower boon, and even if I avoided jail time, I would lose my license for an extended period. Thankfully, I contacted Robert F. Keefer. His expertise and experience in navigating the legal shoals and mastering scientific evidence in DUI cases resulted in a reduction of charges from DUI to reckless driving, and he did so with dispatch. Perhaps some folks would not be quite as worried about an impending DUI conviction as I was, but having the matter resolved was certainly a great relief to me!

I wanted to write this letter to thank you for all that you have done for me, and in hopes that anyone seeing this letter will know to what lengths you have gone on my behalf. There are many lawyers that will take your money and do the bare minimum that they can do and still say they are doing there job.  Robert Keefer is NOT one of those lawyers.

Mr. Keefer didn’t have an easy case ahead of him with my situation either.  Not only did he do hours of research but he talked to anyone and everyone that could provide information for my case.  He also got letters from my doctors and pushed the courts again and again for papers they didn’t want to provide.

The entire time he was doing this, he and his staff were talking to me and preparing me; not to mention keeping me from panicking over every little thing.  Mr. Keefer knew more about my situation than I did right from the start and did everything in his power to make sure I had a positive outcome for the case.

NEVER once did he take the easy way out, NEVER once did he say there was “nothing he could do”, NEVER once did he shirk his duty or job in any manner but went out of his way to do much more than he had to.  And through it ALL he was kind hearted, caring, nurturing, and kept his sense of humor.

With regards to his court room procedures, he worked through the courts and the prosecuting attorney with a finesse that was admiring to watch and explained things to me as we went along so that I would and could understand all that was happening and why.

I haven’t dealt with an attorney of Mr. Keefer’s standing and abilities in very long time and I am, to say the very least, IMPRESSED.  His knowledge, attention to detail, and experience are incredible, and his professionalism is above reproach.  I couldn’t have found a better attorney had I looked for a thousand years.

Bob, Thank You, for all that you did for me, and I expect will continue to do for others for quite some time.

Former client
Thank you for all your help in this matter. I feel that your expertise and determination, produced the result that we were hoping for. You helped give me a second chance and I will always be grateful.

Thank You Sir,

Ryan L
I would like to share with you my experience with Bob Keefer who represented me in my DUI case. Bob was continually proactive throughout the process. Communication and professionalism were a key point in Bob’s forte’. I received an e-mail and a phone call during the months ahead regarding strategies, continuances, and overall reassurances throughout this difficult time. Bob is a man of integrity and will honestly guide you through the process of pros and cons of your case. Bob negotiated a reckless driving through the court system which basically made me accountable for the probationary process. As long as I complied I could shape my result and after all I am the one who made the mistake. Bob made every effort for an amenable outcome in a very difficult case. Bob is a man of integrity. If you need help, Bob is the Man.
1st off thanks for the fantastic job you’ve done legally as well as just the personal support you gave me during that time.

2ndly thanks for the t shirt you provided though, I am still trying to decide how to advertise for you appropriately by wearing it to drinking parties not drinking and offering free rides, etc. Just a thought.

Danny D.

From parents of college students

My 20 year old son was one of four passengers in  a car. They were pulled over by the police. The police found an unopened keg of beer in the car. Although the beer belonged only to the driver and no one in the car was drinking they all were charged with underage possession of alcohol. All were given court dates. Since this was such a serious legal matter we hired Mr. Keefer to represented my son in court. Throughout the legal process Mr. Keefer answered all our questions. He was very understanding and we felt very confident in the way he was handling everything. His assistant Beth was always so kind, no matter how many times we called! Mr. Keefer was able to get the charged against my son dismissed.  My son’s friend ,who was also only a passenger in the car, choose to represent himself. He was found guilty. He had to pay a fine, do community service and was put on probation.  SO DON’T GO TO COURT WITHOUT A GOOD LAWYER.   We highly recommend  Mr. Keefer…
Parent of a college student
As a parent of a college student who had not had an encounter with the law previously, I was concerned with how to approach the court on this summons. Mr Keefer quickly drilled down to the essence of the situation, what the strategy would be and what information and actions on the part of his client, my son, was needed. He helped assess what the realm of the possible was and how to get there. We greatly appreciate his assistance.
Parent of a college student

From College Students

What stood out to me the most were two things: 1. As a college student and as his client, I felt he was spoke to me as an adult but understood that I was someone who lacked legal expertise and answered every and any question I had for him. 2. He portrayed a realistic picture of outcomes for my case and was as honest with me as I would expect any professional to be. At the same time, he is someone who was willing to exhaust any and all options for my case. He didn’t stop exploring avenues when potential roadblocks arose. I had called several lawyers in the area and had met with one or two before I was recommended by a very reliable source to hire Mr. Keefer. The other attorneys told me that I was better off pleading guilty so I could be charged as a “first time offender”. That decision would have left me facing: 6-12 months of probation, a hike in auto insurance rates, a restricted driver’s license, and a mandate to attend ASAP classes as well as random drug testing. I told my story to Bob Keefer, just as I had done with other attorneys, but he told me right off the bat that I could fight the charges and should not accept having to plead guilty. I am pleased to say that I am not facing any of the aforementioned consequences as a result his services. He is a good man and is a good hire, especially for college students, if you want someone who will give you the “full picture” in an honest way and get the job done…

He did a great job representing me in court! I didn’t have to miss class even though my court date was right in the middle of my class, simply because I didn’t even have to go to court thanks to Keefer. He did a fantastic job, because I know other people who have a year long probation as well as having to take the ten week ASAP class. I’m glad neither of these were given to me. All I had to do was 50 hours of community service, pay a $71 court fee and be on good behavior for 6 months.
College Student

From our Military Members

I  am a disabled veteran who’s fought in the courts for over thirty years, which means I know a good lawyer when I see one. Bob Keefer and his staff are excellent at what they do. They are fiarly priced, very competent, professionals.They are friendly, and above all, honest. I recommend Bob Keefer to anyone who needs him! Thank you

From Clients Facing Reckless Driving Charges

Bob and Beth did a great job on my case. I was charged with reckless (85/65). I had shopped around for attorneys to represent me. I think I made the correct choice. The whole case went out smoothly. Unlike others who just promise you, Bob actually gets the job done. I am really impressed with his and other members of his staff, the way they handled the case. There was never a time when I would call and I would get to their voice message. Someone would always be there to assist you. The prompt replies and confirmations when you send your documents is really appreciated. The office is worth the money that they charge.‎  Charged with reckless driving. 85 in a 65. Had it reduced to 80 in a 65. I had 2 speeding tickets prior to this one within the last 2 years, but at no point did Mr. Keefer say that there was no chance of the charges being reduced. He was very professional, kept me up to date, and was always very responsive whenever I had questions. I highly recommend him if you happen to be in the same situation. Mr. Keefer is very dependable and extremely good at what he does.   Thank You, Bob Keefer!‎
Former Client

[N]ot only did Bob manage to get my ticket reduced to a normal speeding infraction (79/65), but he amazingly also got my fine waived. I could not have asked for a better result and I would HIGHLY recommend Bob Keefer to anyone who may be facing a similar predicament to mine….

I recently received a reckless driving ticket for going 82 in a 60 mph zone. (I thought it was 65, but I was still clearly going too fast). I was initially going to attend court and take my chances but after learning that reckless driving is a misdemeanor I decided not to leave things to chance. Bob Keefer was very straightforward, to the point and left me feeling like I was in good hands. He let me know that based on my record he didn’t expect to have any trouble reducing the charge to speeding. It all went exactly as he told me with no fuss or surprises.

I was busted for reckless driving in VA and he got it dropped to a driving infraction, I would recommend his service to anyone in need of a great traffic lawyer. JOB WELL DONE!!! Thank you Mr. Keefer and to the Keefer Law Firm.
David Tran, Sr.

I just wanted to share an e-mail in which I wrote to Bob and his staff. Thank you so much for the quick response on updating me with the results of my case in addition to providing me with an attachment of the court screen, truly appreciate it. I have called and payed off the fine and court fee this morning. Bob, I want to thank you so much for helping me with such a short notice I am very blessed to have come across you and unfortunately did not know the seriousness of reckless driving and the seriousness of obtaining an attorney such as yourself. I am glad that I will be able to keep my license my livelihood depends on transportation to work, school, church, home, and personal activities which is on average a total of 4 hours of commuting in a day. I can not express the words of how glad and thankful I am to you. In addition to your quick responses to questions and advice and also your staff members assistance thank you also Beth and Shruti. Best wishes and luck to all..

From Traffic Ticket Clients

 So, if you are looking for a lawyer who is personal and who will take care of your ticket Keefer law firm will really help you.  I received a reckless driving ticket in Shenandoah County, Virginia on Interstate 81. I was clocked by radar at 87/65. Bob Keefer got the charge reduced to speeding. You can look him up at  He knows his stuff!!!
Mr. Keefer,  Thank you again for all your help.  I appreciate it; have a good weekend!  Kind Regards
Jenna C


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