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Virginia DUI Lawyer

Virginia DUI Lawyer

Virginia DUI LawyerVirginia DUI lawyer Bob Keefer understands that the DUI laws in this state are among the toughest in the nation. If you have been arrested for DUI there are things you need to do before you and your lawyer even go to court the first time. Read this page by Virginia DUI Attorney Bob Keefer to understand the process and consequences of a DUI in Virginia.

You should never agree to plead guilty to a Virginia DUI without having a defense lawyer to represent you. Accepting the first plea offer made, without performing any defense oriented investigation will have lifetime consequences for you. Pleading guilty to a DUI simply to be done with the case will result in, among other things, loss of security clearance, inability to obtain certain types of employment, inability to travel to certain countries, inability to rent a car, and much more.

Virginia DUI Driver’s License Suspensions

You do not need to be convicted in order to lose your driver’s license after a DUI arrest. All Virginia DUI cases follow two simultaneous paths – a criminal and a civil case. The criminal case works its way through the court while the civil case begins when we file a challenge of our automatic license suspension. You can keep your driver’s license while we challenge the automatic suspension. Read more about Virginia DUI license suspensions.

Virginia DUI Conviction Consequences

A conviction in a Virginia DUI case has serious, lifetime consequences that many people who simply plead guilty may not understand. In addition to the immediate consequences of a conviction – such as fines and jail time – there are other consequences such as loss of security clearance, inability to travel to certain countries, and inability to rent a car. Virginia courts are not required to tell you all of these consequences before you plead guilty. Read more about the direct and indirect consequences of a DUI.


We routinely represent those charged with Rockingham County DUI, Augusta County DUI, Page County DUI, Shenandoah County DUI, Harrisonburg DUI, Staunton DUI, Waynesboro DUI, Luray DUI and Woodstock DUI. We can travel to other Virginia locations as well.

If you have been stopped or arrested for DUI or any crime, contact Virginia DUI lawyer Bob Keefer right now for a free, no obligation case evaluation.




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